Meet Erica

I believe that photography is a personal experience, and no two photographers are the same. If you can find one whose personality and style compliment your own, the art that you can create together will be simply amazing.

Now, I'll tell you a little bit about me. I am a somewhat awkward introvert, but I've learned that it actually tends to put people at ease and allows you to be your genuine self during your session. I'm also a mother of two amazing, yet totally crazy kiddos. It's so fun to watch them grow and see their personalities developing. They keep me on my toes and have given me loads of different tactics for helping kids have a good time during their session. Other things I love, in no particular order... coffee, traveling, being outdoors, climbing on things, anatomy and physiology, coffee, music, superheroes, breakfast, learning new things, good quotes, did I say coffee?   

I've lived in various places and traveled quite a lot, which has given me a different perspective and helped me develop my style. Sometimes it's for work, sometimes just for fun... but always for photos. I love the beauty in different styles of architecture, learning about other cultures and eating new food. Oh the food! 

I'm happy to have finally settled down in Colorado Springs and think I may have found my forever home. 

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