Norway: Chasing the Lights


Seeing the Northern Lights has always been on my bucket list, so when I was given the opportunity to do a travel maternity session in Norway with this lovely lady, I was over the moon! We discussed ideas and then we picked out 2 dresses with 2 separate locations in mind. This first dress was to compliment the greens of the Northern Lights and the second to get that fairy tale, Wintery look.

How did these whimsical, enchanting photos come together you ask? When you book a travel session with me, I take care of all of the photo session details. After offering my suggestions and getting the go ahead, I booked 2 guided tours for us. At that time, I spoke to the companies that put on the tours to let them know what we wanted to do, which they were excited about. The reindeer sledding company was more than happy to accommodate us, because I agreed to take some photos for them to use for their website while we were there. So if you were wondering, that IS a real reindeer and he was SUPER cute!



Here's a little behind the scenes action of Britt getting acquainted with the reindeer named Tykk, which means "fat or chubby" in Norwegian. You'll notice I'm in full on cold weather gear but Brit is braving the cold. She had on warm under layers and we only had her out there long enough to get comfortable with the reindeer and get about 5 solid images. 

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Comments (1)

Erin Witt Photography

on November 22, 2018 04:47 PM
Seeing the northern lights is on my bucket list too! How incredible that you were able to get that first image - it is stunning! Now I want to plan a trip!
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