Estes Park: The Stanley Hotel


I decided to visit this beautiful location to prepare for upcoming sessions, and let's be honest, it's just fun to explore! Their website describes it as having an "old world charm" feel to it and I couldn't agree more. From the moment I walked into the lobby, it was as though I was transported back in time. Check out these amazing old-fashioned keys hanging behind the front desk:

Here’s a view of the front entry from a little ways up the front staircase.

Everywhere you look, there’s antique décor… mirrors, furniture and even a lift! There are so many perfect locations inside and outside for photos.

If you happen to get hungry or thirsty while you’re visiting the hotel, there are a few options. There’s a cute coffee shop, The Whiskey Bar, Cascades Restaurant, and a fine dining experience with a guest chef (only on weekends). We chose to go to Cascades. The food was amazing and they had fun, themed drinks. Make sure to make a reservation online, as everything was incredibly busy. These are the Redrum Punch:

The Stanley Hotel has been nestled in the mountains of Estes Park for over 100 years, and is located very close to Rocky Mountain National Park. It has a rich historical background as well as some Hollywood connections. Stephen King stayed here and used the hotel as his inspiration for the Outlook Hotel in The Shining. I did do the creepy night time tour, which allows you to visit sections of the hotels that most guests don’t get to see. It was fun and full of interesting information, but no ghosts or spirits to speak of. If you happen to be more of a comedy fan, Dumb and Dumber was also filmed here. Who did it better, Jim Carrey or me?

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on December 8, 2018 02:34 PM
Love the Redrum drinks. Look delicious! I think you and Jim Carrey are a tie :)
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